An Orarium. We hope to develop the idea of neo-chantries, e.g., religious houses for families which are locally focused. Little Gidding is a model w/ reference to a distinct Anglican rule of life revolving around catechism, psalter, and the offices in the BCP. We hope to release expositions for Holy Matrimony, the role of clerks or subdeacons (or plain lay-people) in Oratories, and justification for what might be called “Protestant Dirges” or simplified “Lodge of Sorrow” soon.  In time, we expect to collect these articles, together with a short commentary about the habituation of the soul by private Rule, in a set of essays called the Albion PapersOur family oratory is Independent or ‘congregationalist’ is spirit, following a ‘reduced’ plantation or manor ethic, open to multiple ministerial relationships. We were recently approved as a Chapel affiliate of UECNA, aka. Littlewood UE Chapel. This is an example we’d like others to follow, if so moved. Please contact us at our  Oratory (Santa Clara & Fremont, CA) to know more. We are happy to share.  408 564 2435 Mr. Charles Bartlett

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3 responses to “Orarium

  1. William Renwick has started putting out the Sarum Breviary in English, with music, which may be of interest and help: http://www.humanities.mcmaster.ca/~renwick/sarum-01.htm


  2. (the Rev.)Michael R. Northup

    The concept of forming many “Little Giddings” is one that I have given thought to over time. It certainly gives hope to those who are trying to live the Anglican Way and find themselves distant from traditional parishes/jurisdictions. Daily Office and Lectionary is a firm basis on which all Anglicans can have fellowship one with another. Tell us more of your oratory and how things fare. Best regards, Michael


  3. Rdr. James Morgan

    As an Eastern Orthodox convert from Traditional Anglicanism, I am interested in your venture here. Please keep me informed! I currently use the Monastic Breviary in part, for my prayers, as well as the 1928 English book which inludes all the PB lessons for the year.

    Rdr. James Morgan
    Olympia WA


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