Common Prayer Day

Common Prayer  Initiative 2012

Unfortunately, St. Bartholomew’s Day has come and gone. With it’s passing so has the 1662 BCP’s 350th anniversary.  However, the occasional use of the 1662 BCP for recalling the historical roots of local/ national liturgies, like the American 1789 or Scottish 1764, has hopefully just begun.  At a time when Anglicans suffer ecclesiastical diaspora and devolution, reaffirming the normalcy of historical standards, especially the 1662 sealed book, is crucial. The following post at River Thames attempts to address some of the unnecessary confusion between 1549 and 1662 prayer book ‘streams’ , basically chalking such up as a difference between a local “Use” vs. a fully endowed “Rite”. Of course, Papist clergy turn the relation upside down, placing the Roman Rite on top. The article at River Thames may be read here.

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